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Power Macintosh 8600 / 200MHz  Tower “PowerPC 604e” Running OS 7.5.5


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SN# XB7240U3A6V


Model Name: Power Macintosh 8600 / 200MHz  Tower

Date Formatted: 1-17-19

Operating System: Mac OS 7.5.5    *can take up to OS 9.1

Processor Name:PowerPC 604e

Hard Drive Size: 2GB

RAM Memory: 152MB  70ns 168-pin DIMM’s  (All 8 slots full with different size memory sticks)  *Max RAM is 512MB

Floppy Drive: 1.44 MB (Manual)  *reads 800k & 1.44MB floppies

Video Card:

•Dedicated with 2MB VRAM installed



*By default, this model has 2 MB of VRAM installed as two 1 MB VRAM DIMMs. It has four dedicated VRAM DIMM slots that each can be populated with a 1 MB VRAM DIMM for a total maximum of 4 MB of VRAM.

Video: Single Displays        Video (Monitor) Ports:1 (DB-15)

Serial Ports (Geoport):2  *(one printer, one modem) *not tested

ADB Ports: 1

SCSI Ports: 1 (DB-25)

Ethernet: 1 (AAUI-15)  & 1 (10Base-T)

S-Video Input: 1            S-Video Output: 1

*S-video input and composite (RCA) video input and output ports.

*(Unable to test these ports)

Microphone Port: 1 (Plain Talk)

Sound Out Port: 1 (16-Bit Stereo)

Added PCI Card: Apple Mac DOS Compatibility Card P166MHz

Model #820-0930-A     ID# I516-F1656-M14VT2

*(Unable to test this card)

Software Installed: Standard OS 7.5.5 *From original install CD (not included)

Accessories: Power Cord

Cosmetics: Cleaned inside and out. Couple of small dings.

Model# N/A      EMC#N/A      Order# M5453LL/A       Gestalt ID# 69

Made from:  Feb. 17, 1997   to   Aug. 5, 1997

Price New: $3,199   *(Price doesn’t included PC Compatibility Card added)

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