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Apple Cinema Display 20-Inch (Aluminum) DVI

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Model Name:  Apple Cinema Display 20-Inch (Aluminum) DVI

Date Tested:  10–26-18

Display Size:  20 inches

Display Type:  TFT LCD

Max. Display Colors:16.7 Million

Optimum Resolution:  1680 x 1050

Built-in Camera: None

USB Ports:  USB 2.0 x 2        FireWire Ports:  400 x 2

Dimensions: 16.1” x 18.5” x 6.8”

Accessories:  65 watt Power Cord

Model#  A1081    EMC#  2009    Order#  M9177LL/A    ID#  Aluminum (DVI)

Made from:  June 24, 2004  to  Feb. 19, 2009

Original Price New:$1,299

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Condition Issues: Nice Screen, has a few very light scratches. Case has some scratches.