Please help Support Wincycle
59 Main Street, Windor, VT    802-674-6320

WinCycle is CLOSING its doors on July 20th! A CLOSEOUT Sale on PCs is in effect from June 19th until then! 30 Day Warranty! See our Specials!

Store Front – 59 Main Street

Wednesday thru Saturday Noon – 5 PM

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We regret the necessity of closing down.  However, WinCycle is not fiscally able to continue.  An opportunity arose to shut the doors nicely, pay the bills and honor outstanding warranties, which we will do. We thank our customers for their continued support over the years!  We also thank the cadre of volunteers for their help!  (Even our landlord helped!)

Contact information for obtaining warranty service after the store closes will be posted on our website.

WinCycle no longer provides computer repair or data salvage services for computers we did not sell.

WinCycle will provide computer repair and data salvage services for out of warranty computers we sold until July 20.

WinCycle’s focus is on REUSE and REFURBISHMENT.  We are no longer an electronics recycler for the public, but we are more than willing to accept working electronics that can be re-purposed for our store.

In this day and age computers have become a fundamental part of our daily lives from how we learn, work, play and communicate with one another. The growing reliance on computers in our day to day lives can put people who don’t have access to them at a disadvantage be it at school, in keeping or finding a job, or in keeping in touch with friends and loved ones.

That’s where WinCycle’s T.A.P. comes in. We will work with disadvantaged and disabled individuals as well as 501(c3) charitable organizations, public and private schools, libraries and churches to provide a discounted option to filling their computing needs from purchasing a computer itself to tutoring, repairs and other service.  Individuals must either be one of the following:

  • Low Income senior citizens, 62 or older
  • Disabled
  • Low Income (receiving state/federal assistance, food stamps, WIC, etc.)

501(c)3 organizations must furnish a copy of their IRS determination letter.

To apply for our Technology Assistance Program download our application fill it out and get it back to us. No access to a printer? Just stop by the store and we can give you one to fill out! Or give us a call and we will mail you a copy.